Four Corners Lesbian Network (4cLN)

Four Corners Lesbian Network in Durango, CO

Interested in finding and meeting other lesbians in the area? Organized by local ladies, the Four Corners Lesbian Network (4cLN) is the best way to stay up to date on events and group gatherings. Currently, a social hour and potluck are held monthly.

To join the Four Corners Lesbian Network (4cLN) Facebook Group, please click here.

Want to host a First Friday Social Hour or Second Saturday Sistah’s Potluck? Or, would you like to volunteer to help coordinate the Social Hours or Potlucks? Started by a local community member who wanted to create a group specific to women, 4cLN is always looking for new hosts and volunteers. If you are interested in being a host for a First Friday Social Hour or SSS Potluck, please contact Lucy or Doty via email ( New ideas for get togethers and outings are always welcomed!